daily ui

April - present, 2018

I started to do 100 Daily UI challenge from April, 2018. I aimed to not only improve the efficiency of design, but also to develop eye of design.

Daily UI #9.png

2-4 hours per ui

I took this project as a chance to improve variety range of skills from information architecture, interaction design to visual design. So the (only) principle I followed is: only spend 2-4 hours on each UI, which include defining product function and information, exploring UI layouts and the final visual design.

3 main approaches have been developed to help me finish each daily challenge:

  • Design:  I took this chance to design a hyper product which I have been wanting to make as a "side-side" project. 
  • Copy: I copied specific screen from existing products which I like its visual style. By copying it by hand helps me gain a deeper sense of visual details like typography, shadows, margins and paddings. Even though "Good artist copy, great artist steal." is a controversial quote in many ways, copying helped a lot for a UX designer / researcher who doesn't devote full time on visual design. 
  • Recall, design, compare and improve: I would recall a specific UI from a product which I am not familiar with, then compared the design I made with the real one. I tend to study and analysis the differences between structure, information hierarchy and visual and think about the rationale behind them.  
Daily UI #4 Calculator.png

some screenshot (to be continued)

Daily UI #3 Landing page

Daily UI #1 Sign-in

Daily UI #9 Music Player

Daily UI #8 Error 404

Daily UI #12 Ecommerce page

Daily UI #10 Social Share

Daily UI #5 Profile page

DailyUI 21- Dashboard