" Image Not Found ", March 2016

Context and challenge

An image of a true story is worth thousands of words. However, it can also bias the story among the audience because of its appearance. On the other hand, images are overload on the Internet due to social media, how can we reduce this exhausting feeling but be able to tell a story?

This is a side project of a 3-day hackthon in Amsterdam, Netherlands on March, 2016. 


In this project, we aimed to remove any visual element, and make the story as an experience of emotion and feeling. Through encouraging visitors to “feel” the story, we hope this can raise audience’s empathy toward the characters.

We made an space, which visitors will experience different sounds based on their walk-flow to "feel" a story.

The chosen true story is that a 5-year-old child got lost in forest in Germany for one day, and be found to be safe at the end. We separated the storyline from child and parents’ perspective, and let the visitors follow the storyline they prefer, and feel the different events and emotion during the child was missing in the forest.


Demo (web version) :  http://frankbosma.nl/hackastory/inf/ 


The team is formed by developers, writers, and designers. To begin with, the team did several rounds of brainstorming. Afterward we edited the whole story and separate them as a storyboard, and decided which sound are going to be put on those scenario. Then we collected appropriate sounds, and allocated those audio signal to different places of the exhibition space. While visitors participating in the exhibition, they have to close their eyes and wear wireless headphones.

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